It was a Saturday afternoon. The boss called Sujoy. He almost got fired because he was always late. Sujoy went home and decided he would get up early, catch his bus and reach office early. The next morning he wakes up and he realizes he has only ten minutes to get ready. He hurries and rushes out with a bread in his mouth, his coat and tie in his hand. His mother was screaming "Stop!" But he had no time at all. He catches the bus in time.
The conductor stares at him for a while, giggles and asks him, "Sir, why so early? Any special occasion?".
Sujoy looks back angrily. "You've got a problem? And stop laughing!" Sujoy said and got down the bus. He reaches his office. He sees the gate is closed.
He sees the security guard and asks him , "Why is the office closed?". The security guard replies, " Sir, why do you do things you are not supposed to?". 
"What do you mean?" Sujoy asks.
"Sir, today is a Sunday. Now please go back home." The security guard replies and laughs. 

Hope I helped :) 
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