Although democracy has been accepted as the best form of Government in the modern world. Yet it has its own problems. Some of these are as under: (i) Growing economic and social inequalities among the people: The most important problem in democracy is the growing social and economic inequality among the people. Although all the citizens have the right to vote and fight elections only rich people have a chance to win the election. The poor are sometimes even forced to sell their votes to fulfill their basic necessities of life like food, clothing and shelter. So rich people are elected representatives in the legislature who make laws and frame policies which favour them. (ii) Role of anti-social elements: The role of anti-social elements has increased very much during the elections. Voters are coerced to vote for a particular candidate or party. Rigging also takes place during the elections. (iii) Corruption and inefficiency: In many democratic countries of the world, political leaders and government officials are corrupt, dishonest and inefficient. As a result, people do not take interest in elections and have no faith in government officials. This affects the working of democracy in the country very badly. (iv) Casteism and communalism: Are other big challenges in many democratic countries like India? During elections, a large number of voters give weight to the caste and religion of the candidate. Political parties also keep in mind the caste or religion of a person while distributing tickets for the election. Representatives elected on the basis of caste or religion work for the welfare of the people belonging only to their caste or religion.
1. Corruption 2. illiteracy 3. Unemployment 4. Crime 5. Poverty
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