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She'd like to teach Bassanio how to interpret the challenge (read: cheat) so he'll choose the right casket, but that would be breaking her oath. Of course, if he makes the wrong choice, she'll sin anyway by wishing she had broken her oath.
Portia does some more fawning and swooning over Bassanio, and he simply replies that he'd like to take the test now, as all this waiting around is like being on the rack (a medieval torture device used to stretch people until they broke).Portia plays along and asks what treason Bassanio has committed that he deserves the rack. Bassanio clarifies quickly: he says he's guilty of mistrust—he is fearful to love Portia fully now, as he can't trust that he'll be around much longer after the casket test. Still, he says, there's nothing off or untrue about his love for her.Bassanio then decides he's had enough beating around the bush. He confesses that he loves Portia dearly, though actually it's the torture type of love.
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