Topography has a strong influence on soil development. Soils on the side of hills tend to be shallow, due to erosional losses. Soils on the tops of hills tend to be deep, but lighter in color, due to downward leaching losses. Soils in the valleys tend to be deeper, darker, and contain more horizons. This is due to increased material deposition from hillside erosion, material accumulation from downward leaching from the tops of hills, and the collection of greater quantities of water in the low lying areas.

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The topography of a place would affect the composition and formation of soil very vastly. Any place with soft topography would usually have these sedimentary rock , as they are found and formed by sediments. Any place with soft topography would definitely have some river flowing by-with this you could conclude that, soil found in the places with soft topography are usually very soft and clayey with high water retentive capacity. Now , places with hard topography have rocks formed by eruptions or weathering. Soil found in these places tend to be non-powdered and it is not soft. but yes , it is would definitely be fertile again , because of humus and other ingredients. 
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