Though Gandhi believed in the importance of sport as a way of creating balance between the mind and the body, he was of the impression that games like cricket, hockey, football and tennis were only for the privileged. He disliked the fact that these games were brought in India by the British and opined that their popularity with the locals displayed a colonial mindset. He also emphasised on the efficacy of local traditional games and farmwork over the imported el
When the Britishers ruled in our country they used to play cricket,hockey which was a colonial games in those days to pass there leisure hours .And thus when this game became popular so tournament were introduced .The first tournament which was introduced was Quadrangular tournament which included four religions. After that one more religion was added the Rest, and then it was known as Pentangular tournament and Gandhi ji opposed it because he felt that these sports are divisive completion which would divide India into religion and caste which was a danger for our country.