You work for a large book store. One of your regular customers has not paid a bill of
about Rs. 10,000 in spite of several telephone reminders. Write a reminder letter
claiming the amount on behalf of your company.

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9th March 2016 

Edward C. Tabor
General Manager,

Subject - Letter regarding paying overdue

Dear Customer,
This is to inform you that we sincerely appreciate doing business with you in the past, but according to our records, your payment of Rs. 10000 for copies is overdue by more than 1 month. 

We had sent you a reminder to ensure that you make the payment on time. You are a valuable customer and we want to continue to serve you. We request you to please clear your overdue within the next 15 days, latest by 21 March. If for any reason you cannot make the entire payment at one, then please contact us within 5 days so that we can decide upon it.

Please free to contact our office if you have any other queries. Our helpline No. is 9975847345.We look forward to assist you in the future years.

Yours' Faithfully
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