2. From adjectives from the following words:- (any five)
Base, Class, Tragedy, Artist, Circle, Station, Hero, Earth.

3. Fill in the blanks with the correct from of the words given in the brackets:- (any five) (Marks-5) a) The world is a __________. (allusion/illusion) b) The king acted most __________. (Judicially/judiciously) c) Good Persons never __________ their friend. (Dessert/desert) d) China is a __________ Country. (popular/populous) e) What do you know of __________ India? (Old/Ancient) f) He is a boy of __________ Character. (Lose/Loose) g) He thanked me from the __________ of his heart. (Corporal/Corporeal) h) We should not give __________ Punishment to student. (Corporal/Corporeal)

4. Give one word substitutes for the following sentences:- (any five) (Marks-5) a) Government of the people, for the people, by the people __________. b) The study of plants __________. c) A record of one’s life written by himself __________. d) One who believes in many God __________. e) One who writes book __________. f) One who attends to the teeth __________. g) One who cannot read or write __________.



A) an illusion
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