In autumn season we see the leaves and trees turning beautiful shades of red yellow and orange. it brings with it colder temperature and frost

Wintertime means snowy, cold weather for many people. Most trees have lost their leaves and some animals have gone into hibernation. Christmas takes place in the wintertime as well as New Year’s celebrations. There are many outside activities that kids enjoy in the winter season such as making snowmen, sledding, and ice-skating. Cold weather and snow can be a lot of fun for kids who love to be outdoors.

In a lot of places, the spring season is accompanied by large amounts of rain. Snow is quickly disappearing, colorful flowers are blooming, and leaves are reappearing on the trees. Baby birds are hatching, various animals are being born, and others are coming out of hibernation. Celebrations of Easter happen in the springtime as well.

summer is my favorite season as i look for a long vacation from my school the warm temperature of summer allows us to swim and spend a lot of time  playing outside

The most important seasons are summer,rainy,winter seasons.
First, summer season, is very hot and dry .In this season water evaporates faster and in every place,there is little scanty of water.
Second, rainy season,in this season it rains very much,which may cause disaster like flood .In this season ,the water that evaporates in the summer season come down in the form of rain.
Third, winter season,in this season the temperature goes down and we feel cold .In some places,its so cold that everywhere you will see only snow and fog