Write a dialogue between you and your friend (in about 10 turns)
1. discuss the right of all animals to live with dignity and safety. you may talk about any animals, for instance how horses are often forced to pull cariagges when too old and unwell or about the ill-treatmentvoften meted out to street dogs.
2. you notice that your friend has a habit of littering on the street. yoi want to politely tell her that such behaviour is unacceptable. you may also mention the swach bharat abhiyaan campaign.




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A) do you know my friend how animals are bullied by the humans?
b) yup i know cows are used as the bullock carts.....nobody thinks for them....if they are unwell no treatment is given, they take them as their servant.
a) and think about pet animals like dogs and cats how they are trapped in the houses away from their family.
b) and even think about the horses they are forced to lift heavy loads....
a) yes you are right...i agree.
b) if a animal dies by a vehicle on the road nobody thinks that we should take him to the vet hospital....they will lose their life.
a)humans should give them respect.
b)due to dogs humans can sleep in the night we the safety.
a) how?
b)if a thief comes dogs get to know and they bark and humans get to know....
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