Obvs you must write about its advantages
 see you must have 4 paragraphs
first para must introduce and define computers
second must compare today generation with the earlier one with the help of computers
third will have pictures of computers and how it has helped
last one will be your conclusion ,in which you will write about the hardships faced by you without the computers

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If you have to make a PowerPoint presentation on " Computer is a magical boon" then you must write about its uses, its advantages, how is it used in personal as well as professional life, tell how computer plays an important role in our lives, how it makes our life easy , also include how it has helped in connecting different corners of the world, how it is used in storing information in the form of data also confidential data. It also plays a very important role in the field of education like in schools and colleges, include information about E-Commerce means how it is used in shopping online, booking tickets whether for airways and railways through the medium of internet. Mobile phones can also be used for it but computers are also used............. To make your presentation look attractive insert some geographical objects like pictures related to your topic.
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