Rbindranath tagore, popularly known as gurudev, was born in kolkata on may 8, 1861. He was 14th child of their parents. He was a great poet, philosopher, patriot, novelist, story teller and educationalist. Tagore began to write poems, songs and stories about different aspects of the Indian culture and society. He was very talented, energetic and wise and whatever he touched was exceptionally enriched. His genius like the rising Sun began to create wonders.He died on 7th august ,1941 in kolkata. He also gave india and bangladesh their national anthem respectively 'jana gana man' and 'amar sonar bangla'.

He was known as gurudev !!
he was born on 8 may,1861
he was a great poet,philosopher, story teller etc !!
he died on 7th August