The mathematics of standard 9th is very easy if you are dedicated to it ...i know people usually use to say that standard 9th is very tough!!  ... but i am too a student of class 9th and i didn't felt anything tough ..
so be fearless have confidence in yourself and all the best for the future !
and 9th class is not at all tough :)

i hope it helps........ 
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To solve maths in grade 9 u must be thorough with all the basics and u should have a very good grip on the subject.
If u know all the basics then u can master the subject. And all u need to do is practice the subject taught on the same day and clarify the doubts in the topic the very next day with the teacher.
if u do this i gaurantee u that u will get a very good score in maths. Also revise the topics in installments like in a week and in a month.
This will fetch u a lot

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