The reason is that firstly it has given lots of his wealth to america to help him becoming free then the war added more than a billion livre and lenders started increasing their interest so they are forced to increase in order to meet the demandsĀ 
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The reson for incresing the tax because France was bankrupt for helping the American Revolution (king Louis thought he will gain political power in the region). 1.)During king Louis XVl ring ,he barrowed more money from Leaders ;now they began to charge 10% interest on loan. 2.)France trade deficit was so high ,that he really need his country industry to produce more good ,but they need money to pay the workers. 3.)To meet its regular expenses, such as maintaining an army, the court, running government and universities, 4.)his wife "Marie-Antionette" a lavish spender demand high valuable utensils from England. 5.)in his palace of Versailles he maintain a immense extravagant court to impress his visitors as a show off of his luxuries.
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