Why does a bucket of water weighs less inside the well water?

when the bucket is in water two forces act on it one is buoyant force which acts in upward direction and the other is gravitational force which acts in downward direction . they both makes the net force zero .this the reason why a bucket weighs less in water


because when the bucket filled with water goes inside the well then upthrust force ( force exerted by a fluid when an object is partially or fully immersed ) acts on it which causes loss in weight .

i hope it helps..........
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The weight of a substance is determined by - Its original weight - upthrust acting on it. In daily lives, we neglect the upthrust on us by the air because its negligible.
While a bucket of water is inside a well, it has upthrust acting on it due to the rest of the water present in the well.
So, its weight in water = Actual weight - upthrust
And its weight on land = Actual weight (upthrust is very negligible)
We can clearly see,

Actual weight -upthrust < Actual weight
Weight in water < Weight on land

Therefore, a bucket of water weighs less in well.
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