Every person has his or her own thoughts and is not neccessary that ones hope and thought will match with each other.we all try our best to make these hopes and thoughts come true.after a lot of sacrifices we make these hopes and thoughts come true.for this we have to trust and believe in may dream of becoming a artist or dancer.ones parents may not agree with his or her dream.inspite of this we should try and make them understand that we can be famous if we choose to walk on the pat of our dream .so we should believe in ourself and continue making our dreams come true.
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You must have mostly observed parents telling their children to be like that intelligent guy,or to be like that like that intelligent girl..etc. In truth parents are wrong on this statement of their's. Everyone has their own talent..everyone are different in their own way and it really is that we-ourself are is really difficult to someone else because u are not him/her. A famous personality once said that there is only one thing that is common in everyone and that is that we are all unique. let me give an incident from my own life........i was a thin boy and when people asked me to eat more nd become fat i used to feel day my neighbour had put his key to his main door and somehow the door got locked from the inside......and the only way was to open the door from the inside ......he tried to send small kids from a small window . no one could fit because they were too bluffy and fat  but then i came and saved the day as i could fit through the window.........this proved that we are what we are and we are true to never try to be someone else and always be urself because are the only one of ur kind......
hope u understood
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