24 November 1894 (as Revive China Society)
20 August 1905 (as Tongmenghui)
25 August 1912 (as Kuomintang)
8 July 1914 (as Chinese Revolutionary Party)
10 October 1919 (as Kuomintang of China)

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1802- nguen anh becomes emperor symbolysing the unification of the country under ngugen dynasty.
1867- cochinchina (the south) becomes a french country.
1887-creation ot the indochina union including china, annam,tonkin, combodia and laos
1930- ho chi minh forms the vietnamese communist party
1945-vietnamese start a general popular insurrection. bao dai abdicates. ho chi minh declares independancein hanoi (sep 23)
1954-the french army is defeated at dien bien phu.
1961-kennedy decides to increase US military aid to south vietnam.
1974- paris peace treaty.
1975 (apr 30)- NLF troops enters saigaon.
1976- the socialist republic of vietnam is proclaimed.
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