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Mini is a very young girl , who plays an important role in the first part of the story. She is a chatty and very curious girl , who wants to know everything and wants a justification for everything. She is a chatty girl , who just doesn't allow her father to complete that chapter of his novel . this chatty behavior is really not liked by her mother. Her first meeting with the kabuliwala was not quite like , we'd expect it to be. but , on that account , we also do not expect them to be meeting everyday , as far as their first meeting was concerned. She had her own little jokes to share with the kabuliwala. Even when he is arrested by the police , she doesn't see that blood stain and only sees him and still has one last conversation with him. After years , we find that she has completely transformed into a disciplined woman , who wouldn't talk much anymore. On the day of her marriage , when she meets the kabuliwala, she is pink with shyness and goes in. From this , we get to know , how that chatty little girl , who was so close to the kabuliwala has changed in a matter of these many years.
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