Teacher: Hi! Have you prepared for your exam?
Student:Not much Ma'am, I have lot of other things to do.
Teacher: But surely your Academics is most important! You must work hard if you really have so many things to do. 
Student: But that's just it, Ma'am. I can't. I just can't get to make myself study!! My mom or dad always must prompt me to start studying, and  I am not able to focus. Can you please tell me some tips to study hard?
Teacher:Sure! First you must motivate yourself.
Student:How ma'am?
Teacher:You must thinks of the uses of education in your life. You must think that it is the most important aspect in your life.
Student: But how will that help ma'am?
Teacher:You will realise how valuable it is to gain knowledge and wisdom in your life than it is to spend time playing and enjoying with friends.
Student: thank you ma'am! I will Work hard!

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