This poem is more like a prayer to God , asking him to instill into the Indians intellectual and a spirit of freedom. this poem is simple yet has a vast and deep meaning. since , this poem was writing during the period of British-India , it meant a lot to the Indians as it was like a motivating force for the Indians. his vision is of a free India , where everyone has a fearless mind , which helps them to live an upright life. he compares "reason" to a clear stream , for its transparency; which was contrasting to the "dreary desert of dead habit". he prays to God to enlighten and enrich his countrymen with the spirit of freedom , nationalism and unity for the country. he expresses his dream of a "heavenly India" in a very satisfactory and has shown his mastery over his language.
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Where the mind is without fear is writen by Rabindranath Tagore in a tense period when India was under the rule of the Britishers; struggling for freedom. For Tagore freedom meant more than just the Britishers freeing India; for him the freedom was more of spiritual rather than just the physical absence of such a rule.Tagore portrays a clear vision of India; the perfect India he wants to have. "Where the mind is without fear, and the head is held high" Tagore rightly says that one's head should never bow before anyone in any situation; One should always maintain brotherhood among all people; One should always speak up his mind, mind should be free from all fear and should bear the Freedom of Speech.
The knowledge should not be bounded by any forces rather it should be free from all bonds. The knowledge here also means the strength which the people should be bestowed with. People should not be affected by any forces which would result in the world (here mainly, India) breaking into fragments by walls created between each other between each other. They should try hard to refrain themselves from such thoughts which would divide people and isolate them.Everyone should be encouraged reach their goals with perfection not affected by any blind superstitions. Mind should not dwell in mistakes rather should have the power of reasoning for a better future. Tagore prays to The Almighty to gift him with such a nation. Achieving not only political but spiritual freedom.
The destiny of India will be realized only then.
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