As we know education is the seed we sow in every child to make them bloom and to help in our countrys overall socio economic dvpmt in future. With a great quest I was at Little flower international school and met the school principal, Mrs. Shantha Devi to know her plans for improving facilities in her institution. On our question she answered straightly that the basic dvpmt comes to students and teachers with self disciplne they pertain at school. Moreover they provide education in an interesting way so that each and every children can get out of boredom and find a liking in studies.

when we asked abt extra curricular activites , her answer made us believe that they are successfully ahead with their plans. Her reply also made sure that they are focused on each and evry student in the school. They also make other non athlete students to perform other activities.

school has improved security in the campus. School even conducts annual painting competition. In addition they are taking advantage of the educational resources in the community and partnering with museums, zoos, libraries and other public institutions.
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