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Goa, a tiny emerald land on the West Coast of India, with its natural scenic beauty, abundant greenery, attractive beaches and temples and churches with distinctive style of architecture, colorful and lively feasts and festivities, above all hospitable people with a rich cultural has an ideal tourist profile. The main asset that comprises the high profile product is Goa's 105 kms coastline studded with 29 beaches lined by golden sand, a natural harbour, large network of inland waterways, century old temples and churches, renowned for worship and pilgrimage, cultural diversity that has no parallel in the world. The greatness of Goa perhaps lies in its smallness with roots firmly entrenched into the hoary past with richly built heritage. In terms of tourist attractions too, Goa's offerings are superb with their traditions of hospitability, varied lifestyles, cultural heritage and colorful fairs.

As the tourism industry has emerged as a major economic activity, contributing substantially to the Government revenue besides, providing employment directly or indirectly to a large segment of its population, the tourism industry enjoys priority in Government planning and schemes. A large budgetary allocation is made for servicing of hospitability industry. This has lead to creation of major infrastructural facilities, both in public and private sector which has also proved beneficial to local population. With Goa providing investment-friendly environment, a lot of infrastructural developments in private sector are expected to cater to expanding tourism industry.

Although, tourism industry is the fastest growing industry in the world, it is very very competitive. The success of the tourism industry in any country is strictly linked to its destination profile and marketing and promotion strategy adopted. The success of tourism in Goa is largely due to the marketing strategy adopted by the Government and the Private Sector through participation in tourism related events in India and abroad and by organizing road shows/presentations in major cities of India. In addition, the Department has launched its campaign through electronic media, satellite, TV channels along with private media and most important by launching its own websites. One of the reasons that Goa has succeeded in attracting large number of tourists both domestic and international is due to the fact that Goa is perceived as a small tourist paradise. Amongst large number of tourist destinations and innumerable choices available, it is a clean, beautiful place, has no overpopulation, no slums, no poverty, no beggars, no law and order problem, no pollution and most important hospitable and peaceful people which are the essential ingredients for enjoyment of holidays and rejuvenation.

Goa has developed excellent transport linkages through air, rail, road and sea with the rest of the country and the world. A number of airlines connect Goa to major metros in the country on a daily basis like Indian Airlines which connect Goa to Dubai and Kuwait. The direct charter flights which bring in hoards of foreign tourists between September and April connect Goa to UK, Europe, Germany, France, Austria, Scandinavian and Nordic countries. This air connectivity will be further strengthened with the commissioning of an international airport at Mopa. Goa is directly connected by rail to other important tourist destinations in the country on a daily basis and with commissioning of the 129 kms long Konkan Railway routes, Goa has opened the Delhi, Ahmedabad/Mumbai, Trivandrum corridor significantly and reduced travel time in these sections. In the new railway budget Goa has been provided direct connectivity to eastern sector through Vijaywada and Howrah.

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