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One day i was late from school, i had to copy down some notes which i missed. Around 7 I reached our building which was the largest buliding in the city. We were on the 20th floor of the apartment. I got on the lift and it started moving. I was alone in the lift. The lift operater was on leave for a few days. On the fifth floor the lift started shrieking suddenly. I was in great panic. But all of a sudden it beacme normal. As it reached the 14th floor the shrieking again and the lift stopped at the 15th floor and did not move. The fan above stopped working and the light were off. My legs started shaking. 

I started shouting and even tried emergency call, but due to power failure inside it stopped working. All of a sudden I heard human voices coming towards me and it stopped suddenly. I could feel somebody's presence near me. I shouted and shouted and shouted. But of no use. After few minutes my voice started echoing. Through the lift mirror I could see a girl face full of blood. My hearts stopped beating watching the scene. Suddenly i saw her inside the lift face fully covered with blood. she started moving towards me. Suddenly she lifted her hand and i saw a knife . As she was about to hit me with the knife, I screamed and woke up. It was then i realised I was dreaming. 
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