In modern democratic societies, the term “egalitarian” is often used to refer to a position that favors, for any of a wide array of reasons, a greater degree of equality of income and wealth across persons than currently exists.

FOR 5000 years, humans have grown accustomed to living in societies dominated by the privileged few. But it wasn’t always this way. For tens of thousands of years, egalitarian hunter-gatherer societies were widespread. And as a large body of anthropological research shows, long before we organised ourselves into hierarchies of wealth, social status and power, these groups rigorously enforced norms that prevented any individual or group from acquiring more status, authority or resources than others.

Egalitarian ,is the aim for an equality in wealth, status. Lower density of men means that it is lower than the average number of a particular population in a particular country.
 Achieving egalitarian, or being an egalitarian, is hard to achieve since not all people want to be in equal footing with everyone.

Sexual equality is when both biological sexes, regardless of gender, are in egalitarian state in terms of all the benefits opportunities in the society. It is very important because discrimination between the sexes and the creation of introjected gender roles had sprouted to societal issues such as discrimination, sexism, etc.

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