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Essay in role of youth in water management

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Presently youth form about 70% of India’s population and same may be the case with other developing world. In case of developed countries who are aging fast, youth are in minority. This scenario poses a sense of responsibility to young in the developed as well as developing world for managing the water resources towards the goals of sustainability and self-reliance.Sustainable water management cannot be understood purely in economical terms. It is important to ensure that the actions made towards sustainable development including water management prioritize the needs of communities towards a meaningful growth. Education and youth empowerment works to create more dynamic processes inside international bodies, governments, industries, and civil society, thus guaranteeing the development of communities inclined towards sustainable water management.

•Some salient points are given below. Students can expand on these points and write the essay using their creativity and language skills.

1.       Today’s youth is tomorrow’s future. It is in the hands of youth to educate and empower themselves today so that tomorrow, when they are the leaders of the nation, they can steer its destiny towards the path of progress. It is the duty of today’s youth to make preemptive efforts and be able to identify the crisis that can strike us tomorrow. Example – shortage of conventional sources of energy, increase population or dearth of safe, drinking water.

2.       Almost 71% of earth’s surface is covered with water. But unfortunately only a small part of it is fit for human/animal consumption.  We have to be very judicious about the consumption of water and make sure not to waste it. If we inculcate the habits to conserve water in us, only then we can ask others to do the same.

3.       Small steps like – closing the tap while brushing the teeth, opting for shower instead of hot bath tub soak, using water judiciously when washing cars or watering our garden, will go a long way in preventing water wastage. We need to learn how to manage our water resources so that there is no dearth of clean water when there is an actual need.

4.       Many villages/areas in our country face droughts and people have to travel miles to get one bucket of clean drinkable water. (Explain other problems you know that are caused due to water shortage).  Hence, it is the need of the day to manage our water resources and use them judiciously.

5.        I believe it is essential for every person to understand the importance of clean water as a vital resource. Only when the youth inculcates the habit to conserve water today, tomorrow (as country’s leaders) they can come up with plans that can be implemented on a greater scale. Unless, each one of us feels the need to save water and helps the government in water conservation plans, droughts will continue affecting our fellow human beings and children will be traveling miles on foot to quench their parched throats.

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