My english sa2 is over and the questions that came were -
1-describe the attempts of th 3 frnds to open theĀ pineapple tin.
2-what light montmorncy's encounter with the cat throw on his charcter.
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What happened when once George got up early in the morning?
How did Harris attempt preparing scrambled eggs?
Why did Harris say that wanted to die at Datchet?
Describe the fight of the dogs at the Haymarket stores.
Describe Montmorency's encounter with the cat.
How did Harris and pie disappear?
What does the narrator say about steam launches?
Why did it get unpleasant with the photographer at the Hampton court?
How do we know that J. enjoyed boating?
Why did George postpone the study of Banjo?
Describe how the friends made the Irish stew.
Why did the three old men curse the friends?
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