Myself A Raindrop
I've been a raindrop with much difficulty. it was the water cycle process which has changed me from a drop of water in the ocean into a raindrop. while I was a drop of water in the ocean I had many of my siblings and even my friends with me we've enjoyed a lot being together. once the sun used to fall on us ( water drop in the ocean ) we would evaporate and go up to the sky. we can stay up in the sky and enjoy a lot it day as I said before the sun rays came and fell upon me and I evaporated and now I'm in the cloud. the time might come anytime. I'm talking about the cold winds. when they come and touch us we would fall down on the earth as the rain. 
                    I'm willing to go to the same place where I can from before. the ocean where I've all my siblings and even my friends. I'm continuously being travelling after I'm precipitated as the rain. I'm waiting for that time when will I meet my siblings. ( now after 1 hour long journey ). I'm now at the mount ranges where the water flow actually start and which at last goes and mix up to the ocean from where I've come. there are many other raindrops like me waiting for their destinies and even I've spoken with some raindrops while is was precipitating and even now while I'm moving towards the ocean. I've faced many difficulties but also I've enjoyed a lot in this journey and now I'm at place where I've come from originally.
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in this answer written by me 1st paragraph tells about the drop of water before becoming a rain drop
2nd paragraph tells about the rain drop going to its own place and it's journey
hope so my answer is useful :D and mark as best if possible ...!