The character of George is based on the author’s real life friend, George Wingrave. George works at a bank. It is he who comes up with the idea of a boating trip after dismissing the options provided by the other two of taking up a sea-trip and staying at countryside.
George joins the other two men on the trip later, up-river at Weybridge. He brings along a banjo and expresses his desire to learn to play it. Later, when George plays the instrument and starts, the three get mournful and the dog howls. George could never get to learn to play a banjo as he was discouraged by his landlady and his neighbourhood. He was even barred from playing it for six months.George is quite practical in his approach. At every crucial moment, he comes up with a pragmatic solution. He comes forth as a sensible person as he suggests not carrying unnecessary items on the boat as it only overloads the boat. Also, he recommends not taking cheese along. But, he is considered to be quite lazy by Harris. According to Harris, George fools about all day and wastes time sitting ‘behind a bit of glass’ in the bank. later in the novel, when the weather conditions become worse, George does not consider it to be wise to stay back in the boat and offers a sensible solution of boarding a train from Pangbourne.

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George was the quietest person of all. In my opinion, he is an well educated person as he tries to solve the problem and he also speaks in medical terminology and he was the most sensible man among the three of them. He is cool and never panics under stress. He took the lead throughout the story. He is brave but on the other hand wants to be in safe side and be careful. The health problem he was suffering was that he was overweight.

george is the best person as he is very hepful and-

employed at a bank, where the only work his friends thought he did was sleep

had some knowledge of the ways of the world and was the one to give sensible advice and suggestions, such as the articles that should be taken along on the trip, the clothes, food, etc.

calmer and less aggressive than Harris.

did not appear to have much sense of style, however, as evident from the loud blazer he had bought for the trip.

did not like spending much thought on trivial matters as he remarked that ‘if anything was broken, it was broken.’

last one to offer to do anything that required physical labor.

not very quick-witted and depended on the others to lead him. He loved laughing at others but did not enjoy it much when the joke turned on him.

keen to learn to play the Banjo, but he played quite badly and even turned a cheerful song into a mournful tune

some knowledge of cooking, as can be seen by the fact that he made a healthy Irish Stew.

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