1. Water-logging or, filling up of open areas with water helps the mosquitoes to breed as they lay eggs on the water.

2. Not covering food or drink items and leaving them out in the open helps the mosquitoes to breed by providing them with food.

These 2 Unhygenic conditions lead to spreading of malaria in that slum area. Please mark as 5 star if this helped! :)
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-WATER STAGNATION:- Due to excessive garbage and plastics the water gets stagnated in the pouches of the plastics and other things,which provide base for the breeding of mosquitos!

-THE MIXAGE OF SEWAGE INTO DRINKING WATER:- The water is generally dirty in slums as they are not developed areas of the indian economy , and malarial parasites grow and flourish in these dirty water only dengue parasites grow in clean water. So this provided another foundation for the mosquitos to breed

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