Jerome ( Jim )
the narrator, represents a simple middle-class Englishman who is hypochondriac. He believes that he is suffering from innumerable diseases and ailments caused by ‘overwork’.He is a man of decent dressing sense with an inclination towards ‘taste in colours.’ J has a fondness for water and water-related activities like boating, rafting and rowing. He narrates numerous anecdotes, comic set-pieces and funny incidents from his memory that add to the humour in the novel. He finds humour even in the most ordinary and casual things of life.
He has a great love for history and nature which is reflected in his descriptions of the scenic beauty and historical significance of the places that they pass through. He is fond of liveliness and dislikes the ‘dim and chilly’ churchyards and tombs. He is critical towards what is considered a piece of art. According to him, the frivolous scraps of today become the antique pieces of tomorrow. He contemplates on human nature by ridiculing man’s weaknesses. He says “Each person has what he doesn’t want, and other people have what he does want.”J possesses a very funny idea of work. He is a workaholic, as work ‘fascinates’ him. He loves to accumulate work and this has become a passion for him. He prides himself on his art of preservation of work. Yet, he is fair to himself and does not ask for more than his proper share.

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