Muslim League Was Formed In 30 December,1906.
Its Objectives Are As Follows = 
1.To Promote Among The Muslims Support For British
2.To Promote Ans Advance The Political Rights And Interest of The Muslims
3.To Present The Needs And Aspiration of The Muslims To The Government
4.To Prevent The Hostility Between The Muslims Of India and Other Communities

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Nawab Salim ullah laid the foundation of muslim league on 30 decmber 1906 at a convention of muslim educational conference in Dhaka.

The Objectives Of Muslim League

i) To promote, among the Muslims of India, feelings of Loyalty to the British Government and to remove any misconception that may arise as to the intentions of the Government with regard to Indian Government.

ii) To protect and advance the political right of the Muslims of India and to represent their needs and aspirations to the government.

iii) To prevent the rise among the Muslims of India, of any feelings of hostility towards other communities without prejudice to the aforesaid object of the League.