The opening seen take place in the house of caesar.
ceaser is ready to go to senate.
caecar's wife cries 3 times in her sleep saying 'they murder ceasar' . in her vision she sees caeser's statue ,which like a fountain is spouting blood through many pipes.many lusty romans come smiling and bathe their hands in it.
a very influential and powerful section of the senators are jealous of the rising and glory of ceaser . cassius ,a master schemer ,hatches a conspiracy to eliminate ceaser. he is backed by several other like casca and chimber . to give legitimacy to their dark designs , they finally rope in brutus.  brutus is the most trusted and respected man of rome . brutus the idealist , joins the conspiracy feeling the ceaser' murder is necessary for freedom of rome and republicanism. ceaser is murdered . antony , a trusted friend and confident of caseris a master manipulator and a matchless orator. he arouses the passion of mob and directs the anger and hatred of the mob against the conspirators
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