A boy goes for a walk in the lonely words , he is studding in class 10 , he is a poor studding boy in the class . every one in the class always teas him as zero . even the teachers scold hi a loot . one day he was walking in the ground floor of his school h saw some people are waiting to meat the principal . he gone near them and asked them why you are waiting hear ? the replied that we came for the interview hear and we are waiting for the result of your principal , to whom the job is operand. the boy asked them why you should get the job. they replied that we need a job run our life in a good way and to take care of our family we should get a job. he asked for a good job what we want to do . you must study well and score good marks . by tinging  the words he told the boy was walking in the rood . after that he realize how important the education gave to every one so he studied scored good mark.