my friend old house in village  is the remarkable place which i never forget till as we grew older as time passes we forget everything but we have some remarkable movements and places which we cant forget for a long period i know when we are near 7 yrs old we walked away into a distant field from my old frnd house last  summer her  parents bought that house. It is a nice place with hard wood floors and nice woodwork, but then there is also a room in then basement. The first time I saw her  parents didn't seem to see how I felt and there was nothing I felt I could do about her .The floor was covered with leaves and other debris. The left wall was not yet finished. The studs and yellow insulation were still exposed.The windows were coated with a layer . The door was yet to be hung on its hinges and i with my frnd enjoyed our full summer vacations there .
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We visit various places but some are the places we love and some we don't. Some places remain in our mind even till we die. One such place I remember is BITM that is Birla Industrial and Technological Museum.
The place was so beautiful. It contained the various inventions of different scientists. It had many galleries like Chemistry,Physics,Maths,etc. The museum was also filled with historical things. If we look at the place it can never be called a museum cause it was so greatly maintained.
There was  auditorium which contained some matters relating to science. There was also an arrangement for 3D shows and it showed that how the Earth is been affected by man's activities and global warming. There was also an artificial coal mine which gives us knowledge about the machines used in that purpose.
So I cannot describe more than this. Hope you visit the place once and see its beauty this weekend.
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