AIDS causing virus—HIV that comes into the body via, the sexual organs or blood transfusion will through spread all over the body lymph nodes . The virus damages the immune system of the body and due to this the body can no longer fight off many minor infections. Instead, every small disease like cold can become severe pneumonia or minor gut infection can become severe diarrhoea with blood loss. The effect of disease becomes very severe and complex at times killing the person suffering from AIDS. Hence, there is no specific disease symptoms for AIDS but it results in a complex diseases and symptoms. Therefore, it is known as a syndrome.    
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AIDs is considered not a disease but a syndrome becozz when a the virus enters our body,it destroys the immune system... And when other pathogen enters our body the immune system cant be able to fight against it causing it to spread throughout the body ... It is said that an AIDs person has all the diseases
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