special schemes started in the field of pds in year 2000 are:-
1. APY(annapurna yojna) - for poor and helpless citizens.
2. AAY(antyodaya anna yojna) - for poorest or poor people.
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      From April 1999 to January, 2000 the state Government had received allocation of 1,68,972 K.L.s Kerosene per month from central Government. From April 2010 to May 2011 the allocation received was 1, 30,356 KL per month. It is again further reduced in June 2011 and April, 2012. Up to March, 2013 State Government has received allocation of 75,648 K.L.s. Kerosene per month from Central Government. Beyond this now from April 2013 the additional reduction of 19.50% has resulted in availability of only 34% (60,864 K.L.) of kerosene requirement of the state. 

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