Recombination frequencies of some sex-linked mutations in fruit-fly are given in the following table. Based on this data construct a genetic map. Genes Recombination Frequencies pale (p) and white (w) 0.010 pale (p) and red (r) 0.322 pale (p) and small (s) 0.355 red (r) and small (s) 0.030 white (w) and red (r) 0.300 white (w) and small (s) 0.327 white (w) and undeveloped (u) 0.450 red (r) and undeveloped (u) 0.269



As a part of a unit on genetics, this unit on Drosophila can give students the .... How is the embryo given the information to tell how to build body parts in the right ... and mapped out based on frequencies of recombination with neighboring genes. ... Sex-linked mutations are carried on the X chromosome (Chromosome 1).