Kushana ruler was khaniska. kushanas was also called as yochies or tocharians. kanishka held the fourth bhuddist council.kushana empire was in north India. their empire extended from khosran to Varanasi . they had two capitals, they were mathura and purushapura .he started an era called Saka era in 78ce. it is now used by government. khaniska was a great patron of art and literature.. khusansa also patroned ghandara school of art.

harsavardhanais known from charita kavyas. he was known by his court poet called bhanabatta . this charita kavya name is harshacharita. harsha succeed his father in 606 CE and became king. he was the king of thaneser and later kanauj after his brother in law died. harsha belonged to pushyabuti dynasty. he succeed in Bengal and magadha, but his advances was checked by pulakisin 2. harsha wrote three plays , ratnavali, priyadarshoka and nagananda. hsuan tsang wrote about him.