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Millions of people are unwittingly pouring hundreds of tonnes of tiny plastic beads down the drain. These can persist in the environment for more than 100 years and have been found to contaminate a wide variety of fresh water and marine wild life. Few consumers realize, that many cosmetic products, such as facial scrubs, toothpastes and shower gels, contain thousands of micro plastic beads which have been deliberately added by the manufactures of consumer products over the past two decades. Plastic microbeads, which are typically less than a millimetre wide and are too small to be filtered by sewage treatment plants are able to carry deadly toxins into the animals that ingest them, including those in the human food chain such as fish mussels and crabs. While many people have tried to recycle their plastic waste, cosmetics companies have at the same time been quietly adding hundreds of cubic metres of plastic such as polyethylene to products. One estimate suggests that in the U.S. alone, upto 1200 cubic metres of micro plastic beads are washed down the drains each year. Scientists and environmentalists have started lobbying the Industry to stop using plastic microbeads in exfoliant skin creams and washes (hand wash, face wash etc.), but with a limited success - relatively small number of firms have publically agreed to phase them out. Britain, along with the rest of the EU is being urged to follow the lead of New York State, which last week became the first place to prohibit the use of plastic microbeads in cosmetic products after a failure by the personal care companies to agree to an immediate voluntary ban. The New York state assembly decided to act after the scientists found the disturbing levels of plastic microbeads in the great lakes of North America.
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