Generally, it has been seen that improper earthing/ grounding accounts for up to 40% of costlier power related problems, including damages and downtime-whether it is lightning voltage induced between equipment cabinets, multi-grounding on the site or poor operation of computerized electronics & power generation units.

To address all these Issues, we provide Maintenance Free Earthing System based on the use ofERICO’s Copper Bonded Earth Rods. The Earth Rods are UL listed and meet the stringent requirements of relevant inter-national standards.

We Provide:

Advanced Maintenance Free Chemical EarthingElectrical Grounding Systems and SolutionsMaintenance Free Earthing Systems

These systems  provides long life to equipment, safety of the personnel, does not require any maintenance as well as reduces the maintenance cost. This system is used with Ground Enhancement Material, called GEM, to provide a good life span without any need to have scheduled or routine maintenance.

Chemical Earthing is the most reliable and hassle free solution for earthing needs in both industrial as well as residential sector.