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The following conversation can give you idea for your discussion; you can either use the following discussion or derive enough ideas for your discussion:

Brother: In a country like India that is already facing energy crisis, practices such as wasting the country's energy resources, will further aggravate the crisis.

Sister:  Ours is a country where still a prodigious number of people live in direst impoverished conditions; still there are villages and hard terrains where electricity has to be provided.

Brother: I agree with you there is an ever-increasing demand for more electricity due to the expanding industrial, and tertiary sector infrastructure. During summer, when the demand for the power supply is at its peak, even the most developed and metropolitan cities fail to receive round the clock power supply.

Sister:  Frequent outages are a common phenomenon! The cities and industrial areas are a veritable sight of bedlam with the noisy diesel generators spewing black exhaust into the atmosphere. Our country is perhaps the most populated country in the world; everyone needs power.

Brother: We are a developing country and the government is building more power generating units. Until the task is accomplished, sagacious consumption of the limited supply of power is the most viable alternative.

Sister: Very well said. Power saved is power generated! Everyone must contribute to the save electricity drive. Especially the teachers and students should be in the vanguard of the drive.

Brother:  Yes, the teachers in every class should form teams of volunteer students to ensure switching off of fans and tube lights at the time of leaving the class. If all the schools, homes, industrial units, factories, offices, etc consume electricity carefully, much electricity can be saved and used positively. Sister: The problem of shortage of power can be handled until better provisions are available. The students can be sensitized by giving them talks on save power.

Brother: 'Save Electricity' posters can be put up in every class to remind students to switch off the fans and lights when not in use. The principal can make special announcements at the morning assembly to save electricity.

Sister: Yes, this will be first mighty step towards energy conservation. Imagine the amount of energy we will be able to save if each student on his or her level starts switching off fans, lights, etc, that are not in use!

Brother A: Let’s put the ideas into practice.