2Plan out your robot. Before building your robot, even before ordering parts. You need to design your robot. For your first robot you should go with a simple design of just two servo motors on a flat piece of plastic. This design is really simple and usually leaves extra room to add extra things after it's built. Plan to build something about 15 cm. by 20 cm. For a robot this simple, you should be able to just draw it out on paper using a ruler. Draw it the same size on paper as it should be in real life, since the robot is so small. When you get into bigger, more complex robots, you should start to learn how to use CAD or a program similar to it, such as Google Sketchup.1Recognize what you will be building. You are not going to be able to build a full sized, two-legged, humanoid robot that can do all your chores. Nor will you be building a robot with multiple claws that can reach out and pick up 100 pound weights. You will need to begin building a robot that will be able to go forward, backward, left, and right from you controlling it wirelessly. However, after you get the basics down and have this simple robot built, you can usually add and modify things on it. You should usually go by the principle that no robot is ever finished. It can always be modified and made better.
thanks but can u help me with its start .can u send the materials i need