Also known as Flower - bearing plants.Later on flower becomes fruit.Seeds are inside the fruit.Spirogyra have the following features:
o Basic and elementary plants with un       differentiated body parts.o  Generally called algae.o   No vascular tissue present.o  Reproduce through spores.o  Mainly found in water.
o  It belongs to class Thallophyta

Features of Agaricus:
o Eukaryotic
o Mostly multicellular but sometimes unicellular(yeast)
o Source of food:
 Mostly saprophytes - these organisms use decaying material for food.
o Belong to the kingdom Fungi.

Features of Funaria:
o Body structure differentiated but not fully developed.
o No vascular tissues present.
o Reproduce through spores.
o Found on both land and water therefore known as‘Amphibians of Plantae kingdom’.
Belong to class bryophyta.

Features of Pinus:
oDifferentiated body parts
oVascular tissues
oNaked seeds without fruits or flowers
oPerennial, evergreen and woody
o these belong to gymnosperms

Features of mustard:
o Also known as Flower - bearing plants.
oLater on flower becomes fruit.
oSeeds are inside the fruit.
oEmbryos in seeds have structure called They are also called seed leaves because in many plants they emerge and become green when they germinate.
o mustards are dicotyledonous plant
o they belong to phanerogams