An Element “X” has 13protons, 13electrons and 14 neutrons.

Answer the following questions:

a)What is its atomic number of „X‟?

b) Identify the element.

c) What is its valency? What is the number of valence electrons is “x”?

d) What is the type of ion formed by “X” ? Why?

e)Name the scientists who discovered electrons and protons



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A) 13


c)valency is  the combining capacity of an atom .. its valency is 3

d)electron: J.J.thomson 
proton:Ernest Rutherford 

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A) The atomic number of X is 13

b) The element is aluminium 

c) its valency is 3. valence electrons= 3

e) electron was discovered by  j.j.thomson
proton was discovered by goldstein
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