V - Violet is a bluish - purple colour
I - Indigo is a dark blue colour
B - Blue is the colour of the sky on a sunny day
G - Green is a colour between blue and yellow , like that of grass
Y - Yellow is a colour of egg yolks or ripe lemons
O - Orange is a bright reddish - yellow colour
R -Red is a colour of blood or fire
thank you so much sampreetha can you give me information about rain bow please
rainbow is an arch of colours in the sky , caused by the sun shining through water droplets in the atmosphere.

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After the rain a number of small droplets of water remain suspended in the air. Each drop acts as a small prism. When sunlight falls on these drops the white light spills into seven colours. The dispersed light from a large number of drops forms a continuous band of seven colours. 
This coloured band is called a RAINBOW.
It represents VIBGYOR.