Over 25% of the heat from homes and public buildings escapes through the windows so, with the rising costs of energy and increasing environmental awareness, more emphasis than ever is being placed on ways to save energy in all types of domestic, commercial and public buildings. Government regulations specifying minimum requirements for the energy efficiency of new buildings are being gradually tightened and at the same time, emphasis is being placed on the importance of improving existing housing stock. Requirements for thermal insulation in refurbishments such as replacement windows have also been tightened and schemes such as the Green Deal introduced to encourage homeowners to improve efficiency. 

Energy-efficient glass can play an important role in achieving these targets for thermal insulation of homes. 

By replacing single glazed window glass with thermally insulated windows containing Pilkington energiKare™ double glazing units, the amount of energy lost can be reduced by up to 75% and heating bills lowered by up to 20% each year. Significant savings can also be achieved by upgrading old double glazed windows which were installed before regulations were significantly tightened in 2002. 

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