The river sings songs of separation
and flows very fast
to make her heart light
she speaks to her banks
a rose standing on the bank thinks
if only god has given me voice to
i would have told the world
about the sorrows of the month of autumn
river sings aloud and flows
but the rose stands quite on the bank
tell me who is beautiful - river or rose

a parrot is sitting a branch full of leaves
which gives shade to its nest
in nest there sits a bird with open wings
and gives warmth to her eggs
parrot sings when the yellow rays of the sun
penetrate from  the canopy of leaves and touch him
but the song or  voice of the female parrot 
turn into love for her kids
the voice of the parrot echoes in the forest
the feeling of the female parrot get converted into love for her young ones
tell me who is more beautiful parrot or female parrot

there are two lovers , when one
sings a love song in the evening
the first note of his voice to his beloved radha
pulls  radha oar brings radha from her house
she is shyly and coyly hihing
in the shade of neem tree and listens
why cant i be a line of the song her beloved sings
she complaints to herself in her heart
her beloved sings
which makes her heart flatter
tell me who is more beautiful - singer or lover