Basically, human activity can be broken down into two component parts, producing and consuming. 
There are four components in the factors of production that are widely agreed upon. Namely these are land, lab our, capital and organization/entrepreneurship.
Without land it is very difficult to produce wealth and includes not only the site of production but natural resources above or below the soil.
In economics, factors of production are any commodities or services used to produce goods and services.
These principal factors enable production but do not become part of the product  are nor become considerably transformed by the production process.

Some people reckon the state of technology is now also factors of production but in its most basic and classical definition, it can be ignored, but closely check the theoretical angle that you’re expected to come from.
I didn't ask u to define them...I asked what we can lrn from them
basically learning outcome from factors of production
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Factors of production or resources factors, explains that" input = output " .this futhers explanis that ,to get output we need to consider entrepreneur/land/labor/money ;by this we can able to understand and learn; which factor are important to consider to obtain the best finished goods( this not just the consumer goods but all). So now you understood that "Nothing comes from nothing" only by combined effect we get something.