Dear friends, we need to conserve our NATURAL RESOURCES, like water, forests, air and other resources like oil, energy.  If we do not do so globally, we are in for a terrible future for our later generations.

We are consuming oil at an alarming rate all over the world. A day will come when all vehicles will halt and People will use bicycles and horses. We are wasting a lot of water. Many villages in India do not have enough water. However, rainwater harvesting is done at some places. 

We are cutting down forests a lot. Illegal burning and cutting down of trees is done. We are in for hotter weather and dry land without forests. Animals will disappear. We will be short of wood etc.

Let us say we are given a crore of rupees to our school. If each of our 1000 students consumes Rs 10 every day , then in 2.7 years the money disappears. On the other hand, if we have a way of saving and redepositing some amount back each day then we can use that money for more than 100 years.  We fume and fret when ever there are electricity outages or cuts.  Do we like our children and grandchildren to live in dark like our great great great  grandparents lived.

Conservation of resources is THE NEED of the HOUR and not just an essay or speech. We need to practice it and make it part of our life implicitly. Let us NOW swear that we will conserve energy. Say it with me :  Let's conserve !!!
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