Because pressure form sharp knife is more than that of a blunt one
but not ....
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we know that
pressure is indirectly proportional to area
∴ if the area is less than the pressure exerted will be more and if the area is more pressure exerted will be less.
therefore, it is easy to cut with a sharp knife than with a blunt knife.
it has one more advantage,

The main reason it's safer is that a sharp knife will do what you intend to do - it will cut things - it will cut cleanly and decisively - so as long as you're not doing anything stupid (like cutting toward your fingers), the knife will perform the cutting operation with precision and predictability, and with minimal application of force.

A blunt knife, on the other hand, is quite likely to slip off the surface of some harder or tougher objects - and this means it will go in a direction you did not intend - perhaps in the direction of your fingers.

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