1) Lee's Push-pull theory divides factors causing migrations into two groups called Push and pull factors.
2) In India, most migrations have been from rural to urban areas because of the “push” factor in rural areas. These are adverse conditions of poverty and unemployment in the rural areas. 
3) The ‘pull’ factor of the city indicates favourable conditions in terms of increased employment opportunities and better living conditions.

The reasons that people migrate would be due to push and pull factors. Push and Pull factors are forces that can either induce people to move to a new location or oblige them to leave old residences; they can be economic, political, cultural, and environmentally based.

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There are two main factors which affect the migration which are push and pull factors. pull factors.. the factors which pull people from other places or attracts them for example good availability of number of hospitals.. stationary..availability of features.. opportunities... push factors are those which push the people from the place they are living example the less availability of resources compells people to migrate in search of jobs and opportunities.